Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Newest Update

I talked with our attorney today. HE is working with a contact in Guatemala that has an attorney in Nicruagua that will be getting the new birth certificate for teh birth mom. She did admit to the judge shortly after we left Guatemala in July that she did indeed falsify her own birth certificate. The judge told my attorney that we should go ahead and start working on getting the correct birth certificate so we can process our paperwork.

He said that we will not know anything until Sept 22nd, when they make a final judgement on the case. I am not sure that will all depend on. I assume of course the DNA has to come back positive, which that should come back here in a few weeks. THen once that is in, I assume they will be doing a further investigation of the file. It sounds like because the file that was grandfathered in will be in question on whether or not to proceed because of the falisifed DOcument. THey have the choice to allow us to proceed with our adoption and separate us from the investigation of the birth mother that will be ongoing because of the falisifed document. Or they can say that this particular file that we have with all the paperwork that we have done up to this point is no longer valid, and we would have to wait until the new adoption laws took place which is suppose to be sometime in January 2009. I am of course hoping that is not the case, and we are allowed to proceed with our adoption of Mateo with the paperwork and file that we have currently. You would think it would make sense , as long as the DNA comes back positive and the correct birth certificate is sumbitted that we would be allowed to proceed...although we dont know if that means we would go back into PGN or if the CEntral Authority would have the last say on our case before we were offically approved.

I cant explain my feelings right now, it is hard to explain them when you have no control over the situation. Maybe a bit numb. THere are times when it is constantly on your mind..we have been doing this with Mateo since May of 2007, so it seems like you ask yourself "will this every be done and he will get to come home?" This is the closest thing I could imagine that there would be like a miscarriage or for a women to find out she cannot have children. THe hope, anxiety, or what will happen, what if, was there more I could have done?? I have the lose of this early years that I have missed out on, and feel like he was cheated as was our family. I know he will blossom when he gets home, it just makes me nervous of how much longer that will be.

This has been so much...lots of ups and downs. THinking we were close just to be back two steps..
I do feel like things are starting to progress with our case, which is better than nothing..but it is still hard.

I talked with the owner of MAteo's orphanage today, she is emailing new pictures of Mateo, so I will post them later this evening. I have an ARbonne show tonight in I will have 2 1/2 hours in the car to think. Sometimes that is good, it gives me time to clear my head and get back into a good mindset.

SO as of now we are waiting on the DNA test to come back positive...we should know mid-August. We should fund out next week when we start the paperwork or money involved to get the corrected birth certificate for the birth mother.

COntinue to keep little MAteo in your prayers. Us too!! Take care!