Tuesday, September 14, 2010

17 days since Mateo has been home...

Well I thought that I should update everyone on how things have been going at the Edwards home since Mateo has arrived home!! Its been wonderful! I still cant believe he is here! I think back to how many times I would walk past his bedroom and peak in his room wondering when there would be a time when he would actually be sleeping in there. Now to know that he is actually there!! So awesome!! He is talking soooooooooo much! He says the alphabet, counts to ten, has a vocabulary of about 100 words in English. He of course still speaks Spanish primarily, but has picked up on English so well. When he says something in Spanish I repeat it in English. If I dont know what he is saying then I find a way to figure out what he wants and then I repeat it back in English. He is sooooooooooo funny! When he hears music he holds up his hand to his mouth like he is singing in a microphone and closes his eyes and mouths the words to a song ( well acts like he knows). He has learned all kinds of dance moves from his sisters and some I know he has taught them. He has some serious rhythm. He has really bonded with his sisters, and calls them by name when he wants them.

The girls take turns sleeping with him at night, and they also want to give him a bath every night. He loves to brush his teeth, and he is so laid back when it comes to letting me clip his nails, do his hair, seriously just a perfect little guy. Now he does know the word NO, and doesn't like hearing it come from us! Although what 3 1.2 year old likes hearing the word no. LOL

Adyson has had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to not being the official baby anymore. We have had to give her a little extra attention to help her get through this time. Mateo has been going to the soccer and basketball games with us for the girls and so far has really liked going. Although after all day at games he gets a little restless. He goes to the bathroom quite often and that is always fun in the middle of a game! LOL At least he is out of diapers and totally potty trained!

He started preschool 2 weeks ago and goes 2 days a week for 2 1.2 hours. Today the teachers said it was a breakthrough day!! YEAH!!! So glad to hear that!! He raised it hand at circle time, was the line leader, and participated with the other kids!! So that is great and exactly why I decided to go ahead and put him in preschool! It also gives me a bit of time to work!!

I have gotten use to the block/tower building, Barney movies, etc... He loves Mickey Mouse, cars, trains, he is ALL boy!!

We are so happy & so blessed!!!


Reba said...

SO glad things are going well. I love reading your updates! Our transitions were never quite that smooth, so I love reading what it is like. :) (We are getting there, slowly) I am so glad he is home with his forever family.

Karen said...

Hi I just got caught up on your blog. I am so happy and excited that all is well with Mateo's safe arrival home!!!! I have a quick question and wondering if you can help. Our paperwork was delivered to the embassy on Monday, September 13th. Is there a number I can call there or a person I can speak to to follow up to see where we are in getting our visa appointment. Any feedback would be appreciated. Again, I am soooo happy for you and your family. And he is just so handsome. All the best, Karen

Valerie Edwards said...

Yes Susan Olson from Embassy:
Susan W. Olson

Overseas Adjudications Officer

Department of Homeland Security

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

Guatemala City, Guatemala

(011)(502) 2326-4442

Fax (011)(502) 2331-4342