Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life is soooooooooooooo Good!

I cant believe he is home! It is sooo surreal! Mateo has just really taken to the girls & his Papa!! He loves him room, he loves taking baths, he loves his shoes, his baseball hats, he loves reading, he loves playing with his trains & cars, he loves hammering everything, he is just a little LOVE BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every morning I wake up and smile knowing my baby boy is up in his room! Every night I go to bed knowing that I dont have to worry about whether or not "it" will really happen, because it has and we are living it!!

He is just precious, we couldnt be more thrilled! He is now combining like 3 words in English " Mateo go potty", " Mateo bath" , "Mateo's Casa", "Love you", "Love you more". I always say "I love you" and then when he says it back I say "I love you more" he is saying " I love you more!"

He had a little playdate with my best friends little boy today and they had a blast! We ate lunch, played with all of his little musical intruments, played with his little view finder ( he loved that!). We also went to the gym today, he loved the ladies!! He even blew one of my friends a kiss!! Too cute!

We are so thankful to have our little man home!! Thank you all for all of your prayers!!


Reba said...

I am so happy he is home! I love hearing how he is doing. What an exciting time for your family!