Saturday, October 29, 2011

Planning a trip back to Guatemala!!

I am soooooooooooo excited!! This summer i will be traveling back to Guatemala and with quite a few others!! We are planning a mission trip to Guatemala this summer!! I am currently working out all of the details and as of now we have 20 people who have said they want to come with me!! Most of them are on my Arbonne team and some of them are my Arbonne sidelines.

I will keep you all updated with details of our trip! We are hoping to work in multiple orphanages in Guatemala as well as do some community outreach. I will be bringing my girls with me this time and hopefully Doug & Mateo will be coming as well!! I know Mateo will be excited to see some of his nannies and they will be excited to see him!!

Mateo is doing sooo well!! He is in his 2nd year or preschool and is writting his name and speaks English so well. He has been speaking in complete sentences for awhile now. He plays soccer and will be playing flag football & tee-ball next year in addition to soccer. He is a BUSY little boy and keeps us on our toes! We are enjoying every moment of it!!

He says some of the funniest things and some of the sweetest things. He is always saying how beautiful i am. He likes it when i get dressed up. He told me today how he wanted to go "to the city" to go see dolphins. We were watching a show today about dolphins and he thinks we can just drive up to "the city" to go see them. He hears us say we are going to "the city--meaning Kansas City" all of the time, so he must think its the go to place for everything "fun to do! " LOL

His best friend is his cousin Max. Those two are CRAZY together!! They love wrestling, and actually got put in time out at preschool last week for wrestling!! If we end up sending him to Kindergarden next August we are going to have to warn the teacher to put them in different sides of the

He has has a little growth spurt recently and i have had to go buy him new jeans, he is a little snacker and loves to snack on something all day long! He loves it when i read to him and loves the songs i sing to him at night.... Today he was singing "B-I-B-L-E, yes thats the book for me..." Soooo sweet!!

We are so blessed to have him home and continue to keep the families still waiting in our prayers!! Blessings to you all!!