Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 1 of my visit trip to be with our son

Words cannot describe the emotion that I felt seeing my son for the first time. He was waiting for me in his room with one of the nannies. He started crying at first, so between him & Doug..lots of tears. He only cried for about 20 minutes and then he warmed up to me. Doug gave him the monkey that I had gotten him, and that is what helped him stop crying. He held his hand to my neck, and loved on the little monkey. We are staying at the Chosen Childrens House during our stay, and is beautiful! We have the whole place to ourselves, it is like a resort. I gave Mateo his bath last night. We used the Arbonne baby care products, and I mistook the oil for the he had shiney hair today..didnt realize why until I have him his bath tonight and saw that the wash had not been open. LOVELY! He loved bathtime! HE was up off & on last night, not crying just fidgety. I had him sleep with DOug & I, and it felt so great to finally have him in our arms. Today is his birthday. I made him cereal & a bottle, and then made him cupcakes. We went around Antigua today, Doug was a basket case...he gets so nervous and thinks everyone is staring at him..haa. Had a great lunch on the square, kind of like a central park. It was great. Mateo has suh a personality! HE laughs & like to throw things on the floor and wait for me to pick it up, just so he can do it again. He got a sofy blanket from Grammie Loar for his shower in November, and loves nuzzling his face in it. We finally went to the grocery store and bought stuff for dinner, I made an amazing dish with fresh chicken, noodles, fresh veggies...DOug loved it! We also picked up fresh bread at a bread was delicious!! We had Mateo's birthday party tonight, just was great! HE liked the frosting a little, but was more interested in squishing it all over the place. He opened his presents from us and Grammie Loar...and loved all of his toys!! I loved all the clothes that Grammie got for him. My favoriate says Mommy Loves me, I had to take him out of his pja's to put this new one on him. RIght now he is laying between DOug & I, all warm & snuggly. THis is heaven!!!
We talked with our attorney tonight and we might be able to go to PGN tomorrow on an appt. with the head of PGN to discuss our case and hopefully get more information! God blessed us with Scott & Reoberto...we are so grateful. I feel confident in the outcome. I hate to think that we would have to be away from MAteo longer than a few more months.. I will keep you posted on where we go from here as well as the rest of our trip. OH, it was so cute today!! DOug & Mateo fell asleep in the hammock ..of course I had to sneak pictures!!


Katie Mohr said...

Did you go to Don Luis's bread store? They have the most incredible banana bread! Oh, I'm jealous that you're in antigua! Post pictures soon! So excited for you guys!

Valerie Edwards said...

when you were in Antigua, where did you stay? THe CHosen CHildrens HOuse is awesome! We are by ourselves one else is here until Friday. We have had a great trip!! Dougs a little reluctant to go out and about in Antigua, so we only went to the square & the grocery store yesterday for about an hour...we stayed here all day today. Mateo is wonderful!!! I havent been to that bread place?? Just to a bread store, but had wonderful fresh bread.. someone told me about a cookie place, have you heard of this?? It is suppose to be awesome!??

Kenna said...

Hi Guys,
I am so excited for you! It sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. Have a great time and keep the updates coming!!!

tammy said...

Val and Doug, I can't wait to meet Mateo face to face. Please give him extra hugs and kisses from Aunt T. I will be thinking of you. Love, Tammy