Saturday, March 8, 2008

We are back in Kansas!!

We left Antigua on Thursday & had an overnight flight in North Carolina. We stayed the night at the airport, which I wouldnt reccomend for future! We bought Mateo a beautiful Myan made blanket for him to keep when he gets here. We also bought two beautiful handmaded Myan pillow cases for our living room. We love the at we will be able to bring some of Mateo's culture in our home.

We talked with our agency yesterday to fill them in on everything we found out in PGN & through our new attorney. So we all have a conference call on Monday at 4Pm with Gladney ( our agency), our attorney, & Doug & I, to discuss everything that will be happening. Susanna from our agency suggested that we move Mateo from the orphanage to the best private foster home the have used. This would just be a family that would care for Mateo until we can bring him home. We would just go ahead and pay them directly each month. I am excited about this as I know he will have more one on one time. This does mean he will be moving from Antigua to Guatemala City. We will still be able to have him stay with us the whole time when we visit. We will just meet up with the foster mom at the hotel and she will meet us there. This way I can give him things and know that he will benefit from them directly. We were nervous with us rocking the boat at the orphanage that they would not want us to have to deal with the director there anymore as she will be very upset that we went over her head to get things done and got another lawyer.
I will keep you all updated with anything knew I find out.