Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Update on our situation..sounds positve

Well I got an email last night from our attorney and he said that he has spoken with PGN and that he will have an appointment with them on THursday or Friday of this week. He said they are acting very compassionate about our case and that he thinks it will not be a problem to take him out and put into a private foster care family. He said that Nancy has no legal right to cancel our adoption of Mateo. They could also force her to give any information on the birth mom that she can. They also suggested that we start the abandonment process paperwork without the signature of the birth mom or the director of Semillas. This would basically intel them putting an ad in the paper of where the birth mom lives that we no of, and also in the paper of where the birth family lives ( in another country) and seeing if anyone of them want to adopt Mateo. I was told on our visit that 99% of the time no one comes forward, as they cannot afford to travel to get him, or cannot afford his care. Also they said that since he has been in an orphanage since birth that more than likely the birth family doesnt even know about the child. In addition the birth family lives in another country. Im I am not sure of the time frame that this takes, I have heard a year at the long side, but if you have an attorney that stays on top of things, it could be a few months,or 6..

It sounds like this option maybe what we have to do.

In addition to this information, we received an email from our agency. I had asked them to see if there Guatemalan contact that works for them would go check on Mateo to make sure he is okay and still there, and when she called to ask about another case...the assistant to the director told her that she cannot talk with our agency at all on any of their cases. Including the 8 other pending cases that Gladney has there. can you believe that! This woman claims to do what is in the best interest of the child and she is not allowing any communication with with our agency on any cases. I was told that the president of our agency will be taking a trip in the next three weeks to Guatemala and will be meeting with Nancy. He is also sending her an email today, requesting that she act professionally in this we will see what we find out.

I leave for our arbonne conferene tomorrow and dont get back until Sunday. Our agency leaves on Wednesday for a conference for them and they dont get back until Sunday, so it may be beginning of next week before i hear anything more.

I think the hardest part for me is the unknown. Although I do have a sense of PEACE now. I do beleive that Gods will is in our favor. He knows our hearts & he can hear our prayers. My faith has grown more this last year than ever before. I cant explain why all of this has happened, but it has stregthened me in this way... I told Doug last night that maybe this was a test to test my faith, when so many would have become frustrated and turned their backs on this whole thing. I think if we can get Mateo moved into a foster care family that we will have all access to see him when we wanted, get as many updates as we wanted. THey could even show him our pictures everyday, and even teach him their names, ect... I have heard of some adoptive moms reading stories on a tape and mailing tapes with stories and me talking to him..and his family...when he goes to bed at he becomes familiar to them.

I worry about the adjustment for Mateo being taken out of a place he has known since birth, although I think to be in a one family home, will be the best case scenerio for him, until he can come home for good with us.

If they are able to move him into a foster home, we will still plan to go in June to visit him, I cant wait to see him.

Again, keep us in your prayers...we are doing everything now FOR THE LOVE OF MATEO

Thank you & GOd Bless, Valerie