Wednesday, April 16, 2008

UPdate..sounds like good news!!

I talked with our attorney yesterday. He met with PGN on Friday of last week, and they said that they will be making the previous attorney come to PGN along with Mateo ( so I assume he will be picking him up at Semillas) and then also making him give whatever information that he has on the birth mom at that time. They are a government office, he has to do this. So it looks as if Mateo very soon will be with a foster mom. I just got the information on her today. She is a divorced mother of two, lives with her two daughters, and her mom. Apparently my agency has used her before, and she is very good! Our attorney is meeting with the man at PGN that is in charge of the criminal case on Friday at 3:30, so I am looking forward to seeing when everything will take place, and what happens when they get the birth moms info. I was told initially that she would have to do another DNA test to confirm her being Mateo's birth mom, and they would have to interview her to get the extent to her involvement of the birth certificate being falsified. So assume, that is what they will do with her when they get her info, bring her in to do all that.

I dont know how long it will take to get him in there, I am hoping all of this happens this week, or next week at the latest. I have asked that a representative from our adoption agency that lives in guatemala City that knows Mateo, she sees him once a month, along with our attorney be present when Mateo is brought to PGN...that way it isnt so scary for him.

My fingers, & toes are crossed. I am praying constantly for his safety, protection, and best interest to be served. Please again keep us in your prayers..val


Gurgi said...

As someone else who adopted through Semillas, it was a real deja vu experience reading about your what you're going through. In my case the adoption finished eventually, but not without months of being kept in the dark about what was going on, and lingering doubts about the propriety of how it was all handled. My best wishes for a swift completion of Mateo's adoption.