Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Good News, Mateo is being moved to another orphanage on Friday of this week!!! The orphanage will also be cooporating with our attorney on providing all information on the birth mom!!! Please keep us in your prayers! Xoxo, val

Email from our agency:

Good Afternoon Luvia – thank you for sending this information. We have been in contact with Lic. Gonzalez and are also aware of what is happening with the case of Mateo. We send our sincere appreciation for the good care that David has received while he has been at Semillas. We also appreciate your cooperation in providing help with contacting the birth mother and in getting David to the PGN on Friday. I know that in the end we all just want to make sure that the baby gets home to the Edwards family as quickly as possible. They love him very much. Regards, Susanna

Email from assistant to the director at the orphanage
Good afternoon Mrs. Susanna

I would like you to know that today, we received a notification from PGN ordering to transfer DAVID MANUEL MORALES to another
place while they decide what will be the next step on his adoption.

I contacted lawyer Roberto Gonzalez Perez (the lawyer that the Edwards family hired) to find out if he was informed from these
procedures and he said that he was aware and then, he will proceed with this adoption.

We wanted to know before we proceed because if he did not know anything, Mrs. Nancy was not willing to proceed, but since
he recommended that this is the best for the child in order to continue with the adoption, we will proceed to do so.
We will bring the child on Friday morning to Guatemala city. We will contact the birth mother since the lawyer said that they will
need her help in order to continue with the adoption.

We wanted you to know of this situation and we will proceed to pesent DAVID MANUEL MORALES to PGN on Friday. We do not
know where he is going to be transfered to.

Please contact the new lawyer for further information.

Thank you



Katie Mohr said...

What an answer to prayer!!! That's incredible!!!