Sunday, May 11, 2008


YEAH!!! I am so excited! Xox, val

Subject: Last actions at PGN.

At last I received Mateo this morning and had a PGN Public Relations young lady officer take a few pictures of him, his birth mother and me in the premises of the institution.
Thanks God everything worked out well, as expected! I showed up at 8:30 sharp and everyone was there, this is to say, Mateo and his birth mother, Lubia Cabrera (from Love Seeds) and attorney Blas Enrique Díaz Pérez. Although Lubia and my colleague were somewhat distant and serious, we began the meeting being headed by the PGN attorney representative. He explained the purpose of the activity and we all agreed that we had something in common: the fact that we are foremost mindful of the welfare and needs of Mateo.
OH GOD ... what a beautiful boy!
A legal document was subscribed in which the boy was officially delivered to PGN authorities because of the legal problems that arose in the paperwork. There was no argument from anybody, at all. Attorney Díaz Pérez handed out to me some important legal documents, among them I found the DNA test results, which is something they hand't attached to the paperwork yet. After that, the birth mother was interviewed by the Psycologist of PGN and, again, signed a personal declaration in which she confirmed her consent to give Mateo for Adoption. She didn't seem to be emotionally afected and didn' cry a single tear during the 2 meetings she held there. During the waiting time that I could spend with her a few minutes, I took advantage to ask some key questions, one of them being where was she originally born, and she said: JUTIAPA, but I know she is not from there. That is the place where she had her birth certificate issued.
So, I'll have to present it and other papers to First Court for Minors (Juzgado Primero de Menores) next week. The lady Judge was not in Court today due to Mother's Day hollyday and, therefore, other judge had to sign the judicial order to transfer Mateo to his new foster home.
As to the foster home, there were some unexpected changes which are to be informed to you. First, the boy could not be transfered to Hogar La Esperanza (from Juan Carlos Rodil), as I had suggested or proposed because the Court's personell said there had been a serious problem with custody warranty there. In fact, they said that, last year, five (5) minors were ilegally taken out (kidnapped) from that place and were scaterred all around diferent sectors of Guatemala City. They said to me: Didn't you read it in the newspaper last year? It was a whole scandal! I know it may seem embarassing to learn for Susanna, but facts are facts and it's better to learn them now.
As a result of that, Mateo was transfered to HOGAR SAN JERÓNIMO EMILIANI, which is run by Catholic Nuns. It's in zone 1, Guatemala City. I am familiar with the sector, thoug I haven't been there yet. They are reliable.
I'll e.mail to you the pictures of Mateo. I am just waiting for Gabriela from P.R to send them to me.
Once I present some legal documents before the Court, I will ask for permission to visit Mateo in his new home and tell one of my sisters to accompany me in order to take some pictures and meet the Nun Director.
The next step is to contact CNA (National Adoptions Council) in order to asses the posibilities of getting Mateo to be asigned to you. Anyway, I will do my best (lobby) at CNA in order to determine what has to be carried out to meet our goals.


Reba said...

I have been wondering how the transfer went...sounds like well! I hope you will have your son home soon.