Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some good news!

It looks like we will be heading to Guatemala in July. Our case is so unlike any other case that our agency has dealt with that no one can really give me any idea as to what I am to expect. Below is an email I received from our attorney yesterday. I am calling him today, as the date he gave us for our court appointment is on a Sunday, and I cant imagine that is correct. The birth mother didnt come in for a 2nd DNA test so I am praying that our attorney can meet with her so she will come and we can get the 2nd one done to confirm. I knew that a 2nd DNA test would be required and I am surprised when she was in PGn that they didnt request it then. I do know that this is something that is now required through the new Central Authority, and that they typically ask for it right at the end before you get yoru baby. I dont want to get my hopes up, but i think it would be a miricle if I can take him home with us in July. Please the email below, I will keep you posted! xoox, val

I saw Mateo this morning. He es beautiful and doing well. By the end of May, he started to walk, according to information provided by the foster mother. I had a Court's employee take 2 pictures of Mateo and I and expect to send them to you on Monday.

Our petition was accepted and you were admitted within the process as interested parties. The judicial appointment for you in Guatemala was schedulled for July 20 (10:00 a.m.). Should you have a problem with this date, please let me know it, so I can talk with the judge and see IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO POSPONE IT.

The birth mother didn't attend the DNA judicil appointment. I hope she is not afraid of being sent to jail because of documentary legal problems. Thanks to the previous DNA test the other Notary gave me at PGN in April, this document was presented (including its translation) and so, this requisite was deemed as completed. However, the representative of PGN who was invited to the hearing said to me that, ir order to avoid further complications before the Central Authority on Adoption (CNA), it will be necessary to request another DNA test from the birth mother, in order to confirm the identity of her. So, I'll have to request it next week and it won't have any additional cost for you. INACIF (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Forenses) will absorb the expenses.




Katie Mohr said...

Hey! That's awesome! We'll be in Guate in July, too! Let's talk as it gets closer!