Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on Progress

Well it has been awhile since I have posted on here and everyone is asking me what has been going on, so here goes. I just talked with our attorney today to get updates on what he has been doing this whole time since we got back.

He sent a petition & a copy of our registration with the central authority, to ask the central authority that if we end up going into the abandonment process that we will still be linked to Mateo. We were told that they are allowing this, as we were told that wasnt the case first. He is calling the director of the orphanage to get as much information from her as possible on the birth mom and the previous attorney. He has a contact at PGn that he use to work with that is assigned to the criminal investigation for the attorny, birth mom and civil registar that were incriminated with falsifying the birth certificate, ect....anyway, he called him and has him looking into our options. He offically registered our POA with the Supreme Court, so now he is offically our attorney. He is also meeting with the previous attorney today to give him a copy of the New POA with him as the attorney that we hired, and to try and get as much info as he can from him. At this point we are waiting on what is said and done. I asked him to update us weekly, so I am hoping to hear back from him with new news when I get back from NTC ( our Arbonne conference in Atlanta next week.). I will attach some of the new photo's I got of Mateo from the orphanage. He looks tired or sad, I dont know. I could be reading more into it. He just doesnt look as happy as he did with us. I did also get a DVD last week, bawled throughout watching it twice.. He looked happy in that, as they were playing with him. I think he might walk soon. I sleep with his blanket that we used when we had him with us, every night. Doug thinks I am a nut...maybe he is right, ha...

I do pray and end up crying myself to sleep most nights still, it is very hard. I got his bedding in last week, and his room and us are offically waiting for him. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. I enjoyed getting the pictures we took of him printed and put into frames around our house, he feels apart of us here daily, but without his actual presence. I will keep you posted on any new news..thank you! God Bless! val


Reba said...

Thanks for updating. I have been checking in and wondered how things were going. I do hope he is home very soon. :(