Saturday, July 26, 2008

Newest Update

I talked with Roberto , our attorney yesterday...he said that the birth mother did show up for the the DNA test that schduled for 9AM yesterday morning. A representative from Gladney picked her up and took her. So we will get those results back mid August. Roberto also mentioned to us that the birth mother did in fact admit that she had lied about bring born in Guatemala. She said that she was born in Nicuragua. I think whomever facilitated her previous adpotion of the child before Mateo had encouraged her to go through this civil registrar to get the birth certificate for herself redone to say she was born in Guatemala instead of Nicuragua , so they wouldnt have to wait for papers to come back from Nicuragua. I cant imagine that she would know where to even go without some information from someone that was familiar with that kind of a thing. When I talked with the Minors Court they said that the place where she had her birth certificate issued was known to falsify documents...and that is why they pulled our case into Minors COurt Section back in October, because that red flagged our file.

ROberto said that he had coffee with the judge after an appointment with them and she shared with him that we can continue our adoption of Mateo on their side, they will continue to investigate the birth mom. He said the next thing he is to do is to go on MOnday to put a request into the Central authority for us to complete our adoption of Mateo. So we will hear back from them on what is next for us to get him home. ONE really good thing is the Central Authority just moved to the same building where my attorney has his office!! So that means he can build a repore with the staff and go in there often to check on our case, ect... So hopefully I hear something back next week on that.

It sounds like things are good, so I will continue to pray and keep my fingers crossed. It is a weird feeling, I cant explain not having Mateo here. I know it is all a REAL situation because I feel it in my heart and Of course I have spent time with them now two different times. Although, It seems like a daze going that I am in,just going through motions. Sometimes I cant beleive that we have been through all of this. I wonder what Gods purpose of all of this is, what I am suppose to gain from experiencing this. I do know that there is no greater love than the love than the love of a child.( AND GOD OF COURSE!!) I cannot wait for Mateo to love us the way we do for him. I want him to know us. I want the girls to see their brother. I feel like they think this is not real because they havent seen him in person. They have fallen in love with the idea of a brother, one they see in pictures and on video, but until they have experienced his touch, his laughter, his smile, just his presence, I know they are missing out on so much.

I cannot begin to tell you how I want to complete our family offically, and bring him home. Words cannot express the emotion that I will have once we are on the plane and once we are FINALLY IN KC, HOME!!!

Thank you all for keeping our family in your prayers! xoxo,val