Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Wonderful Day with Mateo and a great surprise for Doug & I.

We got to the orphanage at about 11:00 this morning and Roberto dropped us off and then picked us up around 2:00. Doug & I played with Mateo and all the kids at the orphanage. We were able to see what they do all day and were able to get to know all the staff. We talked with the director and the owner of the orphanage in detail about our case. After talking with us and seeing how DOug and I were with the kids, they trusted us. They offered to our surprise for Mateo to come back to our hotel with us for the night. We were very excited. Doug & I had already rocked Mateo to sleep for his nap after lunch and he was napping while we had to run to Minors Court one last time to sign papers from the meeting yesterday. They made copies for us of the papers and all the details on the court appointment for us to take home.

When we got back we woke Mateo up, they packed a bag with clothes that I had brought him, some diapers, wipes, bottle, formula, a few toys, and we headed out. We stopped at Wendys for lunch as DOug and I hadnt eaten since breakfast and it was already about 3:00. SO Mateo was able to eat french fries, which he loved..and a chocolate frosty. He liked dipping his ketcup in his fries and sucking the ketcup off.
We went back to the hotel for the night. We gave him a bath, which he loved. I hadnt planned on him being here with us for the night so I didnt have any Arbonne baby wash so I had to use my Arbonne stuff. Which was fine..Mateo was able to make bubbles with it. He loved looking at the photo album of himself and us on our visit trip in March for his birthday, and his sisters. We played quite a bit and then we had pizza for dinner..which he loved. He played hide and go seek with daddy, and ran around the room. DOug and I think he might be a bit is cute. He looks like he just hopped off a horse. After his bottle, a lot of playing and diaper changing...I tried to get him to go to sleep. I rocked him and sang him all the songs that I sing to the girls each night before they go to bed. He liked them but didnt go to sleep. I finally laid him on the bed with me, and every minute or so he would sit back up and look around, and then lay his head down again. Finally Doug laid beside him and got him to go to sleep.

I cant begin to tell you how special this night was for us, and this day for that matter! MAteo is a doll and such a blessing. NO matter the length of the road that we will travel till we finally are able to bring him home, he is SOOOO worth it!

THey are issuing another DNA test and it will be done on Friday of next week. Then it will take about 2 weeks for the results to come back. SO we will know mid August if the DNA test came back positive. The last appointment for the final part of this case in Minors Court will be on Sept. 22nd. THen we should be able to move to the Central Authority for their part of the investigation. We dont know for sure what the details are, probably a month or so we heard today at the Central Authority. Nothing is as fast as we wish it to be. I only hope to get him home as soon as possible. I am praying now for a Thanksgiving or before arrival.

He doesnt have much of a vocabulary right now. He says all the basic things that babies say like ba-bah, ma-ma, and da-da. He said something in the bathtub but I couldnt understand him ..I am pretty sure it was in Spanish. THe girls said their first sentence at 18 months old...I dont think that will be the case for Mateo, but when he gets home and is around our girls for an hour or so, he wont be able to NOT learn how to talk.

I will load some of the pictures we took while with MAteo today...

The director will pick Mateo up at the hotel in the morning at 10AM. Our flight leaves at 12:15. I hope the next time we come is to take him home!!

THank you all for your support! xoxo, val


Reba said...

What a very special surprise! I am so glad you were able to have that time together and hope that very soon he will be home with you!