Sunday, August 31, 2008

New pictures of Mateo!!

A sweet women I met online has a daughter that is at the same orphanage as Mateo. She visit her daughter last week and took pictures of Mateo for me as well as delivered some clothes and toys I brought for him. I cannot wait to get him home! He is so darling, I cant even begin to tell you how amazing it will be to have my son home! I will be calling Roberto tomorrow to get an updates that he has on our case, as far as I know we are still waiting for the DNA test. We had to update our homestudy to get an extention on our I-600 form, so we are waiting for our KBI, SRS, and FBI Background checks to come back and then when those are in they can schedule another homestudy and then we will have to expidiate it to make sure it is delivered to the CIS office in KS before the end of Sept. Ours expires in Sept, and if they dont have it then we will hav eto apply again, which costs us another $685 and 3 months of waiting.... I sent it in July but didnt get notice that we had to have a homestudy update done until a week Doug and I have been busy getting physicals, ect we are just waiting to get the background checks back so we can proceed here. I would hate to be done on that end and then have to wait here beause of a glitch here in the US on our side.... Keep us in your prayers! xxo, val