Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update...countdown for Tuesdays news!!

Good Evening,
I wanted to let you all know that our last court hearing for Mateo is Monday at 2:00 in Guatemala City. My attorney emailed me today and said he has everything that we need to present to the judge on Monday. The positive DNA Match was sent directly to the court a week and ½ ago. The correct birth certificate for the birth mom was re issued and Roberto has that and will present it to the judge on Monday.

I am praying for a miracle. This has been such a long process, Mateo is now 18 months old. We were assigned to him when he was only a month and ½ old. I was at an arbonne training coference in April of 2007 when I saw his pictures through email for the first time. Our family has had to watch our son/brother grow up in pictures and video. I have been blessed to have been able to visit Mateo in Guatemala, on his first birthday in March of this year, and again in July. We will definitely go back in December if we have not brought him home by then.

Little Mateo has grown up in orphanages all of his life. His first one was in Antigua, Guatemala of which he lived there from birth until May of this year. In May the courts had him removed from the home and he has been at the orphanage he is in now since then, living in Guatemala City. I know Mateo is healthy, happy, and well cared for. He is a big boy, with beautiful curly brown hair. He has full lips, a mouth full of teeth, and soft little hands. He has a raspy voice, and loves to kick around a ball. I am told he would do that all day if he could. He apparently does not miss any meals!  This little guy is my inspiration and has kept me going strong through many hard times. I can’t begin to tell you the journey that we have faced, because it is so long. The one thing I can tell you is this little guy has a family that loves him very much. He has two little sisters that pray for his swift return every night as they lay down to bed, and again in the morning in their school petitions.

As we come up on Monday , a very BIG day for us…I ask you again to keep us and Mateo in your thoughts and prayers. I will know on Tuesday what the update is. Where we go from here….

Thank you all again for supporting me, it really means so much! Xoox, valerie


D and L and family said...


Glad to hear everything is in place and the day is near. Praying that by Tuesday you know Mateo is coming home. May God give you comfort and peace as you wait these final few days.

Many Blessings,
Lori (from Guatadopt)

Reba said...

I have been checking in...hope things go well. I will be thinking about you!