Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YEAH!!! Newest Update from Court Hearing yesterday!

I talked with Roberto today and he said the Minors COurt did release the investigation and closed the case. So, they are writing up their final verdict and when Roberto gets that he will take that along with a copy of our dossier ( he has to go to PGN to get a certified copy)and then our original registration form for the Central Authority that we had to apply for back in Feb. He will then have to register me again with The Central Authorty so that I can be "offically " linked to Mateo now that I will no longer be able to go through with the new law. Although I wont have to wait until the new law opens adoptoins either, because I guess The Central Authority has what they call "transitory" cases where those of us that cant do the old law even though we were grandfathered in because of complications with paperwork, ect.. and we we wont have to wait until the new law is in place in Guatemala...they will allow us to proceed and complete our adoptions. I am told that The Central Authority is wanting to"clean house" and get all of the in process cases completed so that when they new law comes into process they will be able to only do that. so that is good, because they want to complete this too. I am told that there will be like 11 things we have to do that were similar to our dossier..pretty easy stuff that we have to get for The Central Authority, and then they will schedule an "empathy period" where DOug and I amd possibly the girls will have to go to Guatemala for a week to a week and 1/2 to have a social worker meet iwth us, ect and then after that it will go to court and that is when they will offically grant us the parents of Mateo. Once that is done our file goes to the US Embassey in Guatemala so we can get his VISA and then bring him home..which I am old can take about 4 weeks or so, so it looks like Dec or Jan...on bringing Mateo home as long as everything goes as I was told.

I will keep you all posted. I am also going to post pictures of Mateo from the court hearing today...with my attorney and his caretaker. He looks like he has a bite on his cheek.

Thank you for all of your prayers!! Valerie


D and L and family said...

Glad to see the update. I pray that everything goes smoothly from here on out and that it goes quicker than you think. Praise the Lord!