Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Newest Update from Our Attorney

My attorney emailed me today to let me know that the director of the orphanage my son is at, said that we need to start paying for Mateo's care. I was told initally that we shouldnt do it because it could cause problems with our case? At that time it was in Minors Court that it is not, I dont know if it would affect us negatively in anyway if I did pay. They want us to pay $350 a month..which I can do, but I want to make sure this is what I am suppse to do. I was told that Minors Court didnt give our orphanage any monies for his care the whole time he has been there since May. From what I have read and heard, I know that The Central Authority wants us to show "proof" of our connection to Mateo ( pictures, receipts, ect..) I didnt know if this would just help show that we do want him and have done everything we can to care for him as much as we physically could during these last 19 months.

Also, I talked with my attorney yesterday and he said that he would still represent me privately until I get Mateo home. He said that The Central authority doesnt make us have an attorney, as this is part of the new law?? I was initally nervious that I wouldnt have my attorney or an attorney for that matter helping me, since I am not there..and my attorney is. It is nice to know that he will stick with me.

Roberto said that the new birth certificate of Mateo is the only document pending to obtain the final veredict on my case, as he has delivered the other 2 requested documents, this is to say, the anulled birth entry of Mateo of Amatitlán's Civil Registry and the Report of Amatitlán's National Hospital certifying the he was indeed born there. The caretaker at Mateo's orphanage is taking him to a clinic tomorrow for the clinical test ordered to determine his age for his original birth entry was anulled by the judge, as I had explained to you. This is the last document that we have to have for the final verdict in Minors COurt to be done and then Roberto can take all of the documents to The Central Authority...hopefully that is all done this week so we can get this all moving.

I will keep you all up to date as I hear anything else...xoxo, val


D and L and family said...


I hope you hear something soon. I keep checking for an update.

I pray God will guide you and give you all peace as you wait.