Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Had a great day today!!

Today was Mateo's 2nd birthday! He slept 10 hours last night, and I had to wake him up this morning to get up to eat breakfast. He had eggs, french toast, rice crispies & milk, strawberries, and orange juice. He fed himself mostly. Then we went to the zoo! He didnt want to get into the stroller. He wanted me to hold him the whole it was a bit tiring for me. :) We then went to the local market place to look at gifts for his sisters, and got them two things each. Mateo was happy to be walking at this point as he was sucking on a sucker the whole time. Then we went to Mc Ds for for lunch. He had a chicken nugget happy meal again, and then the employees came over and sang him happy birthday & gave him a cheesecake thing with chocolate on it. He liked that. He hasnt done to well with the chicken nuggets, so we probably will have to do something different tomorrow. We played in the toy area, and at first he was nervous but after we went up once he liked it and wanted to do it again.

When we got back to our room, he wanted to play and dance. We listen to music and dance, he loves music! He is sooo funny! We had to call Doug because he shocked me!! I was saying "eyes, nose, mouth, ect.." and he repeated me and pointed to the correct parts. Over and over again he said the correct names in english. He will repeat what I say. When I was changing his diaper I said " you have a stinky tushie.." THen he would say "tushie, tushie" and laugh!! I love it!

Right now he is laying on the bed trying to nap while reading books. We read some, but he likes to lay there and look at them too! So I will lay with him for awhile and then will update again tonight!