Monday, March 2, 2009

I have Mateo with me!!

Today was a busy day!! I got up early to meet with Claudia. We got the letter at Minors COurt from the judge to have permission for me to have Mateo with me while I am here this week. It took about 45 minutes for the judge to get there and then another hour and 1/2 wait for the clerk to type the letter. I am not sure what took so long?? Anyway, we got it! We then went to pick up Mateo. He is soo sweet! He came running up to me and said Ma -Ma, and hugged my legs! All of the kids came running up and hugged me too! I brought cracker jacks and the kids couldnt get enough of them. Seriously, these little kids are so sweet!! You just want to take them all! We stayed there for awhile and then took Mateo with us. We had to drop off document to the translator to get translated, she will have them all done by friday.

I came back to my Hotel to get money out to give my attorney, but the atm kept declining my debit card??? I even drove to another place and it still wouldnt work?? So finally we drove to the bank and they swiped it with the machine and then I was able to get money out. Apparently you cant take out more than $120 a day with the ATM. I didnt know that so I was putting it in for more, and thats why. Nothing like being in another country without a working debit card and my husband not here with me! Luckily we got it all worked out and got my attorney the money he needed and me what I needed. although, we still could only take out $500 a day?? Crazy...
We drove through drive through at McD's to get mateo a happy meal, as it was already 2:00 by the time we did all of this running around to the ATM;s and banks. Claudia and Roberto took me back to my hote and I fed Mateo. While we were running around he had drank two juices I had brought, well...needless to say Mateo broke me in good with the EXPLOSION he left me to clean up! It was apparent he needed a bath!! And I needed housekeeping to come and change my bedding, wash his clothes, change the trash, and spray some air freshner!! I put him in the bath, which he loved!!! He kept taking his little sand pail scoop and putting water in it and throwing it up in the air and yelling "Agua!!". Then he would laugh. The bathroom was soaked! I have alot of it on video and camera!

Then we played for a bit with some of his toys and decided to go down to the pool. We only stayed for about 20 minutes as he wasnt that interested in it. A little nervous. He looked cute in his shorts though! Then we went back inside and looked through some of the shops at the hotel. A woman gave him a little rattle thing and he liked that!

Then we came back up to the room and plated with bubbles, trucks, dinosaurs, and these little toys animals I brought. He colored his first picture for me!! THen wanted to try and "taste" the crayon. Then wanted to color on the tv cabinet. Too funny!! He threw a little tantrum when I said no and took the crayon away. That was cute, had to video that!! :) He loved the monkey I brought. He had the little baby one when he was little at the first orphanage. He kissed it, hugged it, pointed to its mouth and tried to feed it a cracker. He wrestled it and when I would try to move it, he got upset, he wanted to hold it, wrap it in a blanket and hug it.

Right now he is sleeping with it and his blankie. He looks so sweet! We will go have dinner later this evening downstairs just to get out of the room.

Tomorrow we will go to the zoo for Mateo's birthday and then have pizza! We will probably veg out at the pool after that, and then to a nap in the room. We have all day tomorrow with not alot to do, so it will be nice!!

If DOug and the girls were here , it would be perfect!! I will keep you updated day to day and with pix that I have taken!!