Sunday, March 1, 2009

I made it to Guatemala

I am sitting here at the hotel just anticipating my visit to get Mateo tomorrow! Claudia from Gladney will be picking me up in the morning to take me to the courts right when they open to meet with my attorney and hopefuly get a letter from the judge saying that Mateo can stay with me this week during my visit. There were some issues with another adoptive parent at Mateo's orphanage and because of that the director of the orphanage is requiring that we have a court order to be able to take him with me. So I am praying that we can! It will be hard not have him with me all week, but if all I can do is visit him at his orphanage, than that is what I will do. I had the chance to talk with the director last Thursday and was able to see Mateo on webcam again and talk with her about my trip. Everything went well, so hopefully it will all be good. I am praying that we get the resolution while I am here so we can present that to Mr Tecu in Central Authority. We have an apt with him to present him my case on Wednesday at 2:30. Claudia from Gladney is going to come here to the hotel to play with Mateo while I go.

For Mateo's birthday on Tuesday, Claudia is taking Mateo & I to the zoo and then to have pizza at Chucky Cheese. We will probably spend the rest of the day at the pool here at the hotel.

I will upload some pix tomorrow evening once everything gets settled ect.. Till tomorrow!!