Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YEAH!!! Finally good news!

I talked with our attorney, ROberto today and he said the resolution was done and was being signed by Judge Mena today! He held it in his hands and read it himself!! He said he will be picking it up on Friday and presenting it to Mr Tecu at The Central Authority on Friday! Then scheduling an appointment to meet with him next week to discuss what we need to do to start the process. We have almost all the docs needed for CNA that I have been told I need by my yahoo group friends that are also transistion cases.
I had conacted the state senator last week and received a call from them over the weekend. They are planning to call the US Consolate today to have them request to have the letter I need from the Embassy sent to Mr. Tecu. So things are moving yeah!!!
Got update pix of Mateo and he look so big and happy! I am booking my flight to Guatemala tonight and there is a possibility tat Doug will come with me! If we can work it out with the girls sports schedules, and their cattle "stuff". Otherwise I talked with Claudia from Guatemala that works with Gladney and she said she will take me to and from places I need to go, take me shopping, ect. We are having a birthday party for Mateo with his friends on that Tuesday, so we will need to get a pinata' and toys for the kids. We will either order pizza or have McDs happy meals brought in, and get a cake! cant wait!! Mateo here I come! Keep us in your prayers! val