Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy day

I am planning my trip to visit Mateo in March for his 2nd birthday!! I cant wait! I booked my hotel today, and will be purchasing my flight this week when I find a flight that works... I cant tell you how excited I am to spend time with Mateo by myself! I am going to get him his first swimming trunks so he can swim in the pool with me. There is a zoo next to the hotel so we will be taking a trip there too! I will get in on Sunday early enough so that I can go get all the supplies ready for Mateo's birthday party at the orphanage with his friends. I am getting a pinita' . Apparently he loves dum-dum suckers, so I am going to buy a couple of bags to put in the piniata' along with snack crackers, gummies, ect.. CAN YOU TELL I AM EXCITED! I know this trip will make things start moving for us, I can feel it. I have to do some birthday shopping for him this weekend, and for Adyson too. His birthday is on the 3rd and hers is on the 10th.

I will be scheduling an appointment to meet with Sr Tecu at the CNA and also with the judge. I was told that our resolution was almost ready, but the orphanage director today. So that was good news! Also, our senators office called and they are contacting the US consolate to help me to get a letter that I need for my file once my case is submitted into the CNA.

God will provide for us. I have turned this over to him. I have good days and bad days, but in my heart I feel mateo coming closer to us..and home! Keep us in your prayers!!! Val