Monday, March 9, 2009

I am home!

Well I am back in Kansas! I took Mateo back to the orphanage on Friday at noon. It went fine, no crying... he was excited to see the nanneies there waiting for him. That made the transition easy. Then he turned me to me and wanted me to hold him again, which made me happy! Then headed off to the airport and then back to Kansas! Doug and the girls were waiting for me when I got off the plane, which I love!

I am going to Topeka tomorrow to Authenticate a docmuent that I need to get to Houston to have authenticated and then onto Guatemala. I didnt know I had to have the KBI background checks done too! So we got the marriage license back and authenticated so I will send all three back to Roberto so he can have them translated and then legalized in Guatemala and then back to Mr Tecu, so they can start their review process!

It hit me yesterday that Mateo's life could have been so different if he were to stay in Guatemala. The issues with the birth mother and no father, would have basically been a guaranteed push onto the streets. While I was there I saw little kids, about 5 or so with their faces painted , juggling and dressed up like clowns running around through traffic trying to make money. I saw kids run up to sell phone cards, wash our windows, and just even begging for money. Most kids do not have an education past elementry school, because they have to work to make money. It showed me that I can do so much more to help, and made my heart ache because I knew no matter what I do, it wont be enough.

He has changed me in so many ways, this whole experience has changed me! I cant tell you how much I just want to bring him home, wrap him in my arms and say , " you will always be loved, provided for, you will never want for food & or a drink, you will always have a safe & warm home, and you will have a life of endless possibilites. " He will melt your heart, as all the kids there do!

I am starting a non for profit charity to help raise money for Mateo's orphanage as well as hosting Parties for a Purpose. I will be hosting Arbonne parties throughout the year to raise money for Mateo's orphanage as they get no funding for the government to take care of the kids. Everything they have it all from donations.

Adopting Mateo was initally because I wanted a son, and now I realize that God intended for him to be in our lives. He knew that he would do great things, whether it be through him, through our journey, or experinces with all that is involved in adoptions. Mateo's name means "the gift". He is a gift to our family in so many ways. He and his 2 year old life have already changed me forever!!

Hugs, Val