Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last night with Mateo here in Guatemala on this visit trip

Well I just got Mateo to go to took awhile. He wanted me to hold him, then I sang to him, and then I just laid down with him and held his hand until he fell asleep. As I am laying with him holding his hand, and kissing on his little hands I realize that it will be another few months before I get to do that again. His little hands still smell like the banana I gave him before bed time.

I hate that he will think that I left him again and be confused. He has been so attached to me all week. If we are sitting by ourselves he will sit and eat his food in his high chair, although if other people are sitting with his, he has to sit on my lap.

Today I took him to get his hair cut, and got to keep his hair so I can put in his baby book. He cried the whole time. This older lady in the hair salon got onto me in spanish because he had shorts on. She was trying to tell me that he needed pants on and a long sleeved shirt. I thought it was suppose to be warm the whole time, so all I brought were summer type clothes. I guess even in the summer they dress kids very warm. Oh, well... His hair cut was alittle shorter than I liked but it was still cute! Hopefully when I come back for the empathy study it will be grown back out!

We went to dinner with a few other couples that I have met. They have children also at the same orphanage that Mateo was at initally. They are both using the same agency I am too. They will be taking their kids home with them this next week, which I am so excited for them!

I miss Doug and the girls and need to get home to them, but feel pulled to be with Mateo. This is so hard. We have really gotten close this week. We have our little routines; he eats a banana and drinks his juice in the morning and watches cartoons while I get showered, he gets all of his clothes on and then goes and grabs his shoes and sits right down so I can get them on, he pushes the buttom to go up and down the elevator, he wants me to hold him while we pick out our breakfast in the buffet line, he gets excited when we get to our room and jumps up and down, he touches my face while his eyes open and shut as he goes to many memories and still months to wait to bring him home with his forever family!!

We are leaving the hotel tomorrow at noon to take him back to the orphanage and then head off to the airport..

Till we meet again!!