Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mateo got his haircut this morning..

After breakfast we went to take Mateo to get his haircut. I am not sure that he liked it too much, as he cried the whole time. I had the front desk guy here at the Barcelo write a note that I could give to the hair stylist so she would know not to cut it too short, as I liked his curls. She still cut it shorter than I wanted her to. They gave me the hair that they cut off. So I can put that in his baby book. Then we went to the kids play area and colored for a little bit. I am waiting for his to warm up a little so we can go and swim..hopefully here in a bit!
One of the older ladies that was waiting to have her nails done at the salon told me in spanish that I needed to have pants on Mateo instead of shorts, too funny! I didnt bring pants, only shorts, as I thought it would be hot here. I guess even when it is hot they still dress the kids very warm here.

We are getting ready to go walk around downstairs and blow some bubbles while we wait for it to warm up!