Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What has been going on since the last update

I found out not too long ago that I had to have Doug & I do a full psych evaluation and then have a letter typed on letterhead explaining what tests they did, and what they found out. I had originally submitted a letter from a licensed social worker, but they said that wouldnt work. So Doug & I have our appointment scheduled for next Thursday. I am hoping that he can get a letter typed up and back to us very soon after that so I can then have it certified , authenticated, and then mail it to Guatemala to have it translated, and then legalized. I also found out that we had to have our I171H form notarized. Our fingerprints expired in May, so we had them updated back in April. Before we could update them they required that we have an updated we had to have that done as well. So we had been waiting for a new updated I171H to be sent to us, and apparently they dont send up one, just a letter reflecting the updated finerprints and the new expiration. So I have those, and have to have those notarized , certified, autenticated, translated, and then legalized in Guatemala as well. So I am waiting to mail those off until I get the pysch letter back so I can do it all at the same time.

Once those are done, we can offically submit our file to C NA . Roberto, my attorney said that he talked with CNA and that they just need those documents to complete our file. THen we can get an empathy study scheduled. My hopes are that this can be scheduled for the end of June or very beginning of July. Then hopefully they give us an approval quickly after the empathy, so we can move onto Family court. Once family court has approved us, we are offically his parents. They just have to then order a new birth certificate from RENAP with our last name, and then it will go to immigration, and then getting the VISA for Mateo. Apparently the time line that I am getting is about 3 to 4 months after empathy, that we can pick up Mateo. Of course nothing in Guatemala is as they say. I am PRAYING for him to be home early fall...we will see...I would love to have him home for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Roberto was picking up notarized copies of the final resolution today, and then he was taking one of them to RENAP so they can updated Mateo's birth certificate with the new birth moms birth place info, as the first one was false. So when they get that done, it takes about a day or so, then he will have a new birth certificate. These items also have to go to the CNA.

I cannot wait to see him!! I am biting at the bit to see him! I got two videos of him for March, and April, and he is getting so big! I miss him! Keep praying for mateo to be home with us soon! val