Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Most recent update on our status at CNA

I received an email from our Guatemalan contact that works for our agency. She went to the CNA and was able to get information on our case as we signed a POA so she has the ability to do that for us. My attorney is a little slow getting back to me through emails, etc. Actually I have emailed him 3 times and no answer in 3 weeks...isn't that nice??

Claudia from Gladney went to CNA on Friday Sept 4th , this is the update as of then:
- The office that is now in charge of our case is the Unidad de Familia Adoptiva ( Adoptive Family Unit) and they just received our file more or less 10 days prior to the 4th of Sept. Previously it had been with the legal department and before that Mr Tecu . Apparently the file can go back and fourth between people at CNA multiple times before they schedule the empathy. This office will have to review our file and will make sure they have everything they need in it and then will let my attorney know if its complete or if we need to add anything to it. I am pretty sure it is fine though. They said that it will be another 15 days before we will get any kind of an that puts us at the week of Sept 21st.
- Our case was reviewed first by the Direccio'n del Consejo.

So once again we wait. This has become the norm with our adoption. We don't put much merit to anything until we actually see it being done. So when we get the call to schedule our empathy, I will believe that we are moving forward. So far there is alot of information going around with other adoptive parents that things at the CNA are slowing down due to too many files and not enough workers. I am told that they are no longer taking transition cases...I dont know if this is temporary while they get through the files that have been approved to be transition cases and are just being reviewed throughout the offices/processes of CNA OR if they are putting a hold on things because of all that has been going on in Guatemala over the last few months. Apparently there have been more raids on orphanages and it has caused quite an uproar. There are so many political things going on right now that its always so frustrated because there is always uncertainty. I have been told that we are officially a transition case. I have also been told that I am one of the 30 cases that are currently being reviewed by CNA as a transition case. I hope this is true. Again, until they call us to schedule the empathy we cant believe anything 100%.

My heart breaks for all of the families caught in the middle of this nightmare. I know that it is hard on everyone, not just us. Its so sad that my son has been forced to spend 2 1/2 years of his life in an orphanage when he had a loving family awaiting him since he was a month and 1/2 old. I know I cant turn back time, and I am okay with trusting 100% in Gods will....I still have my days. Not a day goes by that I don't wonder what he is doing that day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what he is missing out on. I don't want him to ever think we didn't try hard enough, or wonder why we have to leave him all the time. I so look forward to the day that he is home forever! SO for now I wait. I look forward to the pictures I get monthly of him, and the progress report I receive. I haven't received videos for the last 3 months and think they have taken I am planning to email my agency to see where those are?

Please continue to pray for Mateo & his well being. Pray that the leaders in Guatemala that make decisions regarding the 800 children left in Guatemala will make decisions based on the best interest of the children, and that they do it quickly. Please pray for our patience & strength over the next few months while we wait for updates. Pray that we are able to get to Guatemala to see Mateo by mid October. It looks like a Christmas homecoming will not happen, right now I pray for a 3rd birthday homecoming.

Thank you all for your support & prayers! Many Blessings! valerie