Friday, October 30, 2009

We got our emapthy study scheduled!!!

We are so excited because we finally got our empathy study scheduled!! We will be flying into Guatemala on Nov 12th and staying through the 25th of November. Doug is nervous that we are having to fly home the day before Thanksgiving....but I am just so thankful to be going that I am good with whatever!! We initially had thought we would just be there the 12th through the 19th and had even booked our flight and hotels online just to find out about 30 minutes later that we had to actually be there for 8 actual business days, so that works out because of weekends to being 13 days. I am so excited to see Mateo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our empathy study is Nov 13th and we will be going to CNA on the 13th at 9AM to get Mateo and meet with the psychologist and whomever else we need to talk with. This is when we will be able to actually take custody of Mateo! We will then have Mateo the rest of the time. They also meet with us for a closing appointment during the empathy study the day before we leave. We are looking at rebooking flights and hotels right now, just trying to find a good place because the one we want to stay at will cost over $2000 just to be there for 13 nights...CRAZY!! We are looking at renting a place while we are there or finding a place that has a kitchen type area...

Dinora, our orphanage director is sooooo helpful! SHe has really been helping us a ton and I am so thankful for all she has done. We are working directly with the CNA and DInora and their attorney to complete our adoption. The only reason we were finally able to get our empathy study scheduled is because of Dinora. She has been in and out of CNA everyday this week and the end of last week.

I am 100% focuses on bringing my son home and cannot wait to see him! Keep us in your prayers! valerie