Friday, November 13, 2009

1st Offical Empathy Day with Mateo-Nov 13th

Today has been so much fun! We picked Mateo up at the CNA this morning. We met with Lily Guzman from the CNA for about 45 minutes and she just talked with us about what the process will be like this next few weeks as well as the rest of the time until we get to take him home. It seems that it will take a few months after the emapthy study before we will be entered into family court. They said this because they go through all of the papers in our file with a fine tooth comb to make sure there are no mistakes so when the file goes into the family court there are no problems and we wont be pushed back anymore. I also asked if the fact that the holiday season would push us back and she said no because we will still be in the CNA and they dont take much time off. She said if you are in family court you may experince a slight wait but not much. SO since we will still be in the CNA before moving into family court during NOV, and looks like we should be fine to move along. It sounds like it will be February before we go into family court and then from there it may take a month to 7 weeks or so, and that is when they offically make us his parents. Then the file goes back to the CNA for them finalize everything for a week or so and then it goes to RENAP to get a birth certificate, and then you will be scheduled for pickup where they do immnigration and a VISA appointment. Then we come home. SO it sounds like it could be April at the earliest but probably May. Although I am never know!

We had to run to the grocery store to get lunch food and Mateo was a bit nervous being out and about. I dont think he is use to be around other people other then the nannies at the hogar and the kiddos there. HE had to go to the bathroom and didnt know how to tell us so he did have an accident and we had to take a bath as soon as we got to the hotel. He loved the water, just like before. He took a nap with me for about 30 minutes and then with Doug for another hour . After the nap we played with playdough, colored, and played with cars. Then it was time for dinner and we walked down the block to a Guatemalan resturant that was very good. Mateo liked their food. When we got back from dinner we were changing him into his pjs and he started running around and kicking the ball and dancing to the music I had playing. He loves dancing music like his mama!! He is so funny! He has done a great job the rest of the day going to the bathroom on his own. He just kinda grabs down there and we know...he hasnt said pee-pee yet, but he goes both. :)

We got some great video of him dancing and laughing. Doug and him are laying on the bed snuggling now...seriously I am sooooooooooo happy!! I wish Rylie and Adyson could be here with us! I think we are planning to hang out at the pool tomorrow here and then go to Antigua on Sunday. SO I will take lots of pix at the pool to post! Good Night!!