Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday was a great day

We went to the pool at the hotel yesterday and Mateo didnt love the water so much. He kinda whined/cried most of the time. Hopefully with us being here for 2 weeks he will get use to it. We had a great dinner last night at this authentic Guatemalan resturant, it was wonderful! The waiter was very helpful and taught me a little spanish, so hopefully after being here for 2 weeks this time I will learn a little more. Mateo had ice cream last night after dinner, he loved it. Although last night he was so gassy..his tummy was hurting him. Literally he had gas all night! He is such a doll baby! Literally I am sooo excited for when you all get to meet him in person! I cant wait for Rylie and Adyson to get to hug their little brother! They are going to fall in love!!!

Well we are headed to Antigua today, I cant wait! It is my favorite place so far in Guatemala! I am looking for some gifts to buy my mom & dad and in-laws...they have been such a HUGE support system! My sister Cherie is watching my girls this week and has been a HUGE help as well! I know the girls are excited to spend the week with her boys.

Well that is it for now, thank you all for all of your prayers! Hugs!!!