Sunday, November 29, 2009

Here is the scoop on what we have left..

So we just finished our empathy study..and below is an outline of the process that we have left. We are looking at Feb or March to bring Mateo home. We needs all the prayers we can get to have people pray for a speedy process through the CNA to family court and then that we get entered into family court #4..please pray for us to not get entered into Family Court #2!!! Thank you all for all of your support and help! xo, valerie

Process to Completion
Starting with the Empathy Study

1) After the empathy study; the social worker and the psychologist do a report and give to the legal department, after visiting you during your empathy study.
2) The legal department creates a document that is signed by the sub-director. The head attorney is Lorana Ramirez, she will prepare the documents for the director. Juan Carlos works with Lorana on national adoptions & speaks English.
3) Once director signs off on papers they go back to the legal department.
4) After that the file is submitted to the family court. ( Pray for family court #4- Judge Gonzalez, rumor has it that Family Court #2 is more difficult)
5) Once you have gotten sign off from Judge at family court, the child is legally yours. ( It could take a week to 2 weeks after the final signature of the judge before your case ACTUALLY gets out of family court)
6) IMPORTANT****- Once you get notification that the family court judge has released and signed off- go ahead and submit documents to Embassy for preapproval & include all items on List A.
7) After signed off from family court judge, notifications will be sent out to PGN, RENAP, & C N A. Once those have been sent out there is a 3 day waiting period.
8) If there are no objections than C N A will request certification of ruling & C N A produces the final documents to go to RENAP (the local Renap where your child was born..Amatitlan in our case). They will need the C N A & family court ruling & then the RENAP will register it in the system.
9) Once it is registered in the system from local RENAP, it then goes to Central Renap. (It goes in on Tuesday and out on Friday.) Gaby from RENAP speaks English, call her is you are waiting or there are any problems ( 2416-1914). She can tell us what we need to get together to get the birth certificate if they don’t already have it all.
10) At the central RENAP they will give you the birth certificate with your last name.
11) Then go to the passport office to get child’s passport.
12) Once you have the passport, go to the embassy & prepare documents for List B. ( New BC, C N A ruling, Family Court Ruling, Copy of passports- you will need all pages of passport)
13) Submit List B to Embassy
14) Once you get approval or notification from USCIS on List B, you will get orange slip & that will give you permission to get final physical for child. ( Can use Dr Sidney Hagan- 12th St- 1-25 Zone 10, Inside a mall, Torre Norte, Suite 402; Spanish only, and the phone # is 2335-3431) You will get an HIV test for child which cost $60 US, and final physical. ( Make sure you have all shot records from hogar or foster family to bring to final physical or they will charge you and do them all over which can be very expensive.)
15) Final Interview will be scheduled when you get orange slip at Window 10- Embassy.