Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost ready to move into family court!!!!!

Just wanted to send a quick update, we got word that we are almost ready to be moved into family court!! Yeah!! They are just waiting for one of the head guys at CNA to bring the notification to our new attorney tomorrow, and then hopefully by next week we will be officially there! Depending on what court we get will depend on the time frame..the fastest I have heard it happening was 2 weeks, but typically its a month or so. Once famly court is done, that is when its offical...we will legally be his parent, by Guatemalan law!!! Then after they get the final sign off at family court, it takes about a week or so for them to officially have our file out and that is when we will fly out to get the birth certificate, visa, passport, etc...and BRING HIM HOME!!! Once they have their final sign off, it takes 3 days for all notifications to go out to PGN, CNA, & someone else to say its offical, and that is when we will come out.

Luckily we are past the holidays and so we wont have any delays with the holiday vacations. Please PRAY lots of prayers for a speedy court, and that everything goes VERY smoothly! Its been over 3 years and I still cant believe he isnt with us, but we are sooooooooooooo close! When you all meet Mateo personally, you will fall in love with him too!

We are so blessed to have our orphanage director helping us with everything, she has really moved things along for us! We were able to raise money with friends, & family to purchase the hogar a playset for the kids to play on for Christmas, they all loved it!!!!!!!!! Mateo's birthday is March 3rd, so I am praying for him to be home by then!!!!!!!!! If Mateo isnt home by his birthday I will probably send money to the hogar to have a little birthday party for him with his friends and then when he is home I will have a big welcome home, 3rd birthday party for him!!! We will wait and get him accustomed to life here and my HUGE family, and then we will have it.

I am currently in the works of setting up a foundation to help support Mateo's hogar as well as various families in need in my community. If anyone is interested in hearing more about his and how they can help, please email me and let me know! I am hoping to have it all set up by the end of the month! How awesome will it be to be able to make sure Luz de Maria will be able to have all of their needs met and the kids will always be able to have loving, and caring people to help raise them until they end up in their forever homes! I know that they are needing funding to help pay their monthly bills; paying the nannies, food, supplies, I want to do what I can to make that happen! So many times over the years I have said, why did this have to all happen to us? Why did we have to be one of those cases...but I now know why! If we hadn't experienced so many problems we wouldn't have ended up meeting Dinora and the staff at Luz de Maria, Mateo wouldn't have such a wonderful place to take care of him, I wouldn't have realized the need to support this specific hogar as the one for my foundation to support, this journey has been a HUGE growing process for us. I know that our process to bring Mateo home has been one of those many God Winks!!!

Seriously I feel like doing back flips!!! Mateo, mama's coming!! Blessings to you and your families!!!