Monday, May 3, 2010

Newest Updates

So we were officially entered in Family Court on April 13th!!! WHooooooooooooooo!! I was so excited!! It looks as if we will be getting out this week! We have submitted the paperwork neccessary to the Embassy for Preapproval ( what they require when you are a transition case). Once we are out of Family Court we will legally be Mateo's parents by Guatemalan law! After its out of Family Court we have a 3 day notification period for PGN, CNA, and RENAP to be notified that we are officially Mateo's parents, and they have 3 days to say they want to object ( although that doesn't typically happen). Once we have the notifications done, we order Mateo a new Birth Certificate from Renap ( it goes in on a Tues and we get it on Friday!) We will also be translating all of our documents from Spanish to English while we are waiting for the Birth certificate from Renap, then our file that has been translated back to English along with the NEW birth certificate with our last name on it will be taken to the Embassy for them to schedule our Visa Appointment. This appointment will come to us in an email. Typically you get a weeks notice before you fly out for the Visa appointment. Once you fly out there you are really only there for 3 to 4 days before we can take him home for good! While we are there waiting for the Visa appointment we will be getting him his passport & taking him to a mandatory doctors appointment, then we go on the Visa appointment to get VIsa, and then its done!!

I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to landing at the KCI Airport , walking off the plane, & walking out to our family & Rylie & Adyson meeting their little brother for the first time! Just thinking about that bringing tears to my eyes!

I know its all in Gods timing and have turned this all over to him. He has not forgotten us yet, and always has opened doors for us when we needed them open! The timing will be great because the girls will have just gotten out of school and they will be able to be with their brother full time over the summer! I am looking forward to the little things: snuggling at night reading books before bed, snuggling on Saturday & Sunday mornings with the kids in our bed, taking him to the swimming pool, going to the zoo, seeing a cow for the first time, getting our family picture taken, seeing him with his daddy, I could go on and one..but I am so excited and know that we are so close to FINALLY bringing home our son!

Thank you Prayer Warriors for all that you have done for us! Many Blessings to you all and I will keep you posted on further updates!!