Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mateo is home & tucked in his bed...Rylie ( his oldest BIG SISTER) is sleeping with him tonight!!

Mateo is home & tucked into his bed. Rylie & Adyson worked out a will sleep with him tonight and the other tomorrow.

Wow, what a wonderful day this has been for all of us!! Mateo was a little overwhelmed to say the least at the airport...he was VERY shy, kind looked down the whole time..but once we got in the car and he saw his car seat..he was like WOOOOO!!! He loved it!! Then he & his sister laughed the whole way home!! I have the most BEAUTIFUL pix of them when we went to check the cows tonight...sooo cute!! Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to look back in the car and see each spot taken!! Our family of five looks pretty amazing!! He saw his room & WOW..was he excited!! he played a little bit with everything in his room! He saw his Spiderman bike in the garage when he got out of the car and RAN straight to it! The girls gave him a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub in THEIR swimsuits...too cute, the played with the soccer ball, danced, jumped on the trampoline, played trains, got on his bouncy horse thing in his room...just to name a few things!! LOL They are all three tuckered out!! Adyson said
" Well I guess I am not the baby anymore.I am the middle child".
I told her I was the middle child of 6, so we high five'd it for being the "Middles." Then in the evening I was holding Mateo trying to get him to go to sleep and she looked at Mateo and said "Mateo you are laying in my place", it made me remember when I brought Adyson home and Rylie was 21 months old....Rylie told me to "Put Ady Away Mom" so I could spend time with her...

I will have to do my best to show the girls that Mama has enough love to be split 3 ways. I told them that today was one of the 4th most favorite day in my life; my wedding day, When I had Rylie & then Ady, and then of course when Mateo was officially home forever!!

The "moment" at the airport was pretty amazing, just what I had expected!! As we walked off the plane we saw all of these little faces holding all of these BEAUTIFUL signs Welcoming Mateo home. I saw my incredible husband standing there with tears in his eyes, and his sisters with HUGE smiles on their faces. I knew then that they understood why Mommy has been so "preoccupied" over the years, just to be able to bring him home to them. That moment is what kept me going when things would seem so far away.

Mateo is most defiantly ALL boy, but I didn't think he would be so outgoing with all of those people. He didn't cry, but he wanted me to hold him the whole time. We had family, Godparents, friends...AMAZING! There were a TON of tears, laughs, and a HUGE sense of Peace & Thankfulness! Rylie was concerned for Mateo and wanted us to leave so he wouldn't be scared. I know it was alot to take in, but I am so glad they were all there...I know he may not understand it now, but when he is older he will be able to look back at the posters, videos, & pix and know how much he was loved!!!

God has blessed my family so immensely and has taken such great care of us over the years. While I may not have always understood his timing, the past 3 1/2 years have "God Winks" all over them!!

All day I kept thinking off and on about my "Mom Warrior Friends" and praying for them to be just as blessed as we have been to be able to experience this. I ask all of my friends & family to please PRAY everyday for the rest of the Guatemalan 900 children to have the doors open & their cases processed swiftly. They have become like family to me. We have become each others shoulders to lean on during our tough days. When one of us hurts, we all do...when one of us experiences JOY, we all do! May GOD keep his hands on all of you, may he keep your children safe, warm, & healthy until they are in your loving homes!!

I have had trouble getting my pix to load today, so I may have to wait till tomorrow and try to get it figured out...I will promise to post pix tomorrow... I didnt get to take any airport pix myself, but my sisters all did & Christy tool a when I get everything from everyone else I will pass them onto you all!!

Thank you all again for your prayers!! I cant wait to wake up in the morning to pitter pattering of feet!!! xo


Reba said...

I am SOOOO excited for you! What a special moment when you came home. I love how comfortable he already is with your family. Our transitions were not nearly that smooth. I cannot wait to hear more about your new normal as a family!

Danny and Brittney said...

So happy he is home with you all. It brings tears to my eyes knowing one more Guatemala 900 child is on U.S. soil. Congrats again.

Charlotte Bauer said...


Tonight, as you lie sleeping
for the first time in your bed,
I feel there's something lasting
and profound that should be said.
But nothing I can think of
seems quite fitting, so instead,
Welcome home, my child,
at long last,
Welcome home.

Welcome home from every yesterday
from every then and there
To the now and evermore
that's here for you.
Welcome home to true belonging...
to together...times we'll share,
And countless family things
that we will do.

Welcome home to every hope and dream
just waiting to be yours...
To hands that long to guide you
as you grow.
Welcome home to understanding
and devotion that endures...
To hearts that love you now
more than you know.
Welcome home to all the memories
we'll make of every day...
To loving ties,
however far you roam...
To joys we'll give each other,
to the blue skies and the gray...
To all these things and more now,
welcome home.

Tomorrow, when you wake up,
a brand new life will start...
A life in which you'll always be
a very special part.
So dream sweet dreams...and once more
from the bottom of my heart,
Welcome home, my child.
Welcome Home.

-by Michael F. Anderson

I love this poem. Words can't quite describe those precious first days together. Blessings, Charlotte