Monday, August 23, 2010

We have PINK!! Our Visa appointment is at 8:30AM tomorrow morning!! Whooo!!

I got up SUPER early this morning..about 5:45AM to get ready to be at the Embassy at 7AM to get an appointment. I didn't sleep good because Mateo literally was moving all over the bed all night long!! I will be interested to see how long Rylie & Adyson can actually sleep in bed with him and actually get sleep. I was up EVERY hour. He slept through the night, but not mommy!! :)

We finally got a number about 7:45AM and they said to come back at 9:00AM. So we went back to the hotel and had breakfast with Mateo & Melaine, & Claudia. Then we went back to the Embassy appointment. I took Mateo back with me to meet with them & while I was there they were very nice! Susan Olson who has been a blessing the whole time was the one that was in the room with the lady that had initially given us the number to come at 9AM that morning. I didn't realize it was Susan though until after...otherwise I would have begged to have her come out from behind the window and give me a HUG! She has been incredible to me the last few months! Always answering calls, etc... While I was in there they showed me the request for evidence on the document that they said they were missing. They asked me if I had the document to present. It was the resolution from Family Court. When i handed it to her , she looked in the file and saw that they actually already had the authenticated version ( which is all we needed to have) so they said, you dont need to give this to I got it back. They said that they had already talked with the Consular section and they would have time to get us into the Visa appointment tomorrow ( Tuesday) so they would be emailing me the time later in the afternoon. So after that I was sooooo excited!

We decided to go get the photo copy of the passport for Mateo that we would need to give to the doctor at the doctors appointment along with getting his picture taken for the VIsa appointment as well as the doctors appointment. So we did all of that. It took quite a long time for the pictures to be developed because the computer took like 45 minutes to warm up from the night before...then we waited in the lobby at the doctors for like 30 minutes then we were in to see the doctor for only about 15 minutes. That is when the doctor said that Mateo was in the 5th percentile for his height and weight. He also said that he heard a slight heart murmur...but that most likely he would just grow out of it. He suggested we check on it when we get home. He said all 3 of his own daughters have one..and it can be perfectly harmless. After we got through at the doctors we went back to the hotel & got the gifts to give to the nannies at the hogar as well as the directors, etc... then we bought pizza, pop, & cookies at the store to bring to the kids at the hogar for Mateo's going away party. We had a great time!

The nannies were crying it was sooo sad!! Mateo was so happy though the whole time. I think he was excited to be going home for good! He loves them all though and you can tell they love him!!

So I will update again tomorrow after the Visa appointment! We should be picking up the VIsa on Wednesday... YEAH!!!!!!!!!


Beth in MN said...

Shouts of Joy from Minnesota! I remember when I heard we were pink.

Valerie Edwards said...

We were so shocked to hear that this morning! I had prepared for the worse so hearing great news was awesome!!

Stacie said...

How wonderful!
Mateo is so adorable and he is now yours forever!!!
Safe travels home and can't wait to see some family photos!
Congrats again!

Karen said...

YIPEEE!!!!!!!!! WE are right behind you. We got our BC yesterday and now they are working on passport for Nadelyn. They are trying to get everything to embassy next week. It sounds like once papers go to embassy then you can get pink in a week or two. That would be wonderful!! Looking so forward to hearing that you will soon be home with your boy. By the way, my first adopted daughter who we brought home at two years of age had a slight murmur and she out grew hers. We did get a specialist to check it but they say it is quite normal. Thinking of you and your little boy!! Did you squeeze him really hard when you first saw him...I bet you did!!