Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have Visa approval and will pick up Mateo's Visa tomorrow at 3:30PM!

Just got back from an incredible day!! Got up early this morning for breakfast and then went to the Embassy at 8:30AM. They called us in about 8:45PM to submit our papers, then we sat back down for another 10 minutes or so..then they called us back to the room for the interview. They interviewed us for like 30 minutes or so. She just basically went through the paperwork making sure everything was there, asked if Doug & I had both traveled to Guatemala prior, etc... After that she said just go back out and wait for about 25 minutes and then they will call you back to give you details on your Visa pickup. So about an hour 1/2 later I was getting nervous because they hadnt called me back yet, so I talked with a guy there that spoke English and he asked them how much longer it would be. I then took Mateo outside to be with Claudia because he was being so good in there, but it was getting late and he was bored, I knew he was hungry. I wish I would have brought in something to eat & drink for him...but I didnt think I could. Luckily I did have some toys for him to play with! So finally about 15 minutes later they called me back to the window, but they needed Mateo to be with me, so I went back outside, got Mateo and then came back in & they had me raise my right hand and swear that my answers to these questions were the truth. They just asked about Doug & I coming to Guatemala together before ( so they can for sure know that we would be coming over on an Ir3 he will be an automatic US citizen when we enter Houston on our connecting flight.) Then she said they had approved me and that they were going to try to get Mateo's Visa printed off today so we could come back at 3:30PM today to get it, but they couldnt promise I could come and then they could have said it wasnt we just told them I would just get it tomorrow at 3:30PM. This was we could go ahead with our plans for going to Antigua and then we would just get it tomorrow..

So we went to Antigua, had a great day! I got some cool things to bring back for the girls, Doug, Mateo, & grandparents..

So tomorrow will be a big day, cant wait to have the Visa in my hands!!
I will keep you posted after tomorrows pickup of Visa.

Blessings, Val