Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We got good news yesterday!

I got an email from my attorney yesterday and he said that the clerk at Minors Court woudl have my "final verdict report" done by the 29th of Dec. He said he should have it no later than Jan. 2nd! SO I am working on getting all the things that I know I need to do for The Central Authority now, so when I am submitted and my attorney talks with Jamie Tecu ( the 3rd in charge at The Central Authority)I will have as much already in hand as they need. SO I am trying to get it all together by this weekend.

I bought a webcam & headset yesterday so I could see Mateo!! I was so excited! I set up an account with MSN Messenger Live and I was able to talk with Mateo, he was able to see the girls & Doug & I. Since for some reason the volume wasnt working we had to type back and fourth. I saw him laugh, and smile. I cant wait to see that everyday.

We mailed a BIG Chistmas package to our agency so they could bring it for us last week. He was playing with the toys we bought him. I bought alot of clothes for him to wear, and then lots of toys for all the kids at the orphanage.

I am planning to see him for his birthday the first week in March, and would love to be able to have that trip count as our empathy study that we have to have while there.

I am praying that we get him home before summer! So he will be a little over two, but it looks promising. I am told once we are submitted into The cental Authority, it is taking about 4 months. Maybe if I get everything needed done ahead of time, I wont have to wait so long???

I will also post the new pix I got of Mateo... Please keep us in your prayers... Have a Merry Christmas! Val