Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Answer from my attorney yet, once again..we are waiting

We were told by our attorney that he should have our final verdict report back from the judge on Dec 29th, and then he said he should have it in his hands no later than Jan 2nd. Well it is now Jan 7th, and still no news... I am not sure if he is on vacation or what?? So once again I feel like nothing is being done.

I had emailed other adoptive parents through a yahoo group I am apart of that are in the same situation as me. Most of them are already in The Central Authority and have their paperwork there and have been waiting for about 3 months or more... Apparently no one at the CA speaks english, so I will have to have someone call for me to translate if I want to call them directly. Although, until they receive my file they cant help me, which of course I cant have my attorney submit without this report. One parent said that the 4 month estimated time that I was given by another adoptive parent for the start and completion of the CNA process , was not likely. She said she has been in there since Aug of last year, and just this week got notice of her empathy study scheduled.

I have to say I am very frustrated. I feel like this is never going to happen. I have faith in God. I believe that Mateo is suppose to be home with us, but still we wait. I dont get that. This little boy has spent his first two years in an orphanage. He has had a family to love him and willing to take care of him since he was a month and 1/2 old.

I feel so helpless. I feel like my hands are tied and I am not doing anything to help him come home. I cant call anyone that can speak to me in english, I cant get the embassey to reply by email or phone to my emails or calls, I dont know someone "who knows the right persons" that can help..

We are planning to take a trip to see Mateo for his 2nd birthday the 1st week of March. I think Doug stresses about the cost of all of this. He loves Mateo , he wants him home, but so far there hasnt been too many lights at the end of a VVEERRYYY long tunnel.

I go in his room and straighten his bed, as the girls always go in there and mess around. I vaccuum his room weekly, I made Doug set up his little tool set he got for his baby shower back in Sept of 07. I go in there and try to imagine that there will be a day that Mateo is able to see his room , and play in there. I look at the changing table, his diaper genie, his little towel hoodie, his superman bandaids, and think that more than likely by the time he gets here, he will have outgrown those things.

I received alot of pictures from my agency the other day and I will add those to my blog. I have been having computer issues lately, so we will see if I can do that.
I leave on Sunday for Hawaii, I was hoping to have some news that we were entered into The Central Authority before we left...but we will see...

I am sorry to be Debbie Downer, but I feel numb. My heart aches for him, I feel like I havent had a normal day in a long time. There is this void there, that can only be filled by his presence here , home where he belongs.

Please pray for us. We all need alot of strength and courage to continue our fight to bring Mateo home. He is our son. We love him and will continue to fight to bring him home.

Good Night and I will post when I hear any kind of an update... Val


Beth said...

Hi Valerie. We've met before (through Arbonne) and I keep up on your blog. I've never left a comment but I feel moved to leave one now. I want to share this quote with you because I use it a lot right now and I think you could, too:
"Make a courageous decision to hope...even when everything around you contradicts this hope."
-President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of LDS church
Hope is all we have in difficult times. Hope can get us through anything. Don't ever give up hope as long as there is a breath in you. I'll be praying for your family and Mateo.

Reba said...

I am praying!

Danny and Brittney said...

I continue to pray our babies home. It will happen. Keep the faith.