Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We just finished our emapthy study appointment today

About 2:45 we went downstairs to the lobby and met with Lily from CNA..she is in charge of the adoptive childrens unit, and then with Maria Los...she is in charge of the adoptive families unit. She was a little more stern but not too bad...maybe because Lily is so overly friendly. We also had CLaudia who is our adoption agency in country contact that has helped us so much be there to translate for us.

They asked us questions like: what do your girls think of Mateo? What do your grandparents think of Mateo? What are your plans for MAteo for the future; school ( will he go to the same school that the girls go to?), college, activities he will be involved in once home ( sports, cow shows with the girls, etc..?) They asked us if we would tell Mateo that he was adopted, as well as asked us if we plan to travel back to GUatemala to have Mateo visit his country of orgin. They asked us if MAteo was closer to DOug or I and of course we said both of us equally. They asked if Mateo remembered us when we came. They asked why we named him Mateo. They asked if he was speaking english as well as spanish. SO basic questions that were pretty easy for us to answer.

We went shopping this morning for CHristmas presents for mom, dad, Grandpa & Granma Raley, and the neices and nephews that we were suppose to buy for. Then we had lunch at an authentic Guatemalan resturant, but couldnt read the menu so we told them to surprise they did, adn it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We dont have many plans tonight so just planning to hang around here and maybe meet up with another adoptive parent to have dinner.

So we are planning to go to Amatalian..which is where Mateo was born probably tomrrow so we can get a picture of the hospital where he was born and get some items from his birth place...'

We miss our girls like crazy and look forward to the day that all of our kiddos are together!!

THank you for your prayers!